Client Reviews

Arthur M. (Client since 2011)


"As a self employed small business owner I often lean on Mr. Cunningham to assist me in tax preparation and filing as the process has yearly become increasingly tedious. For the past 5 years he has consistently proved himself knowledgeable, prompt, and thorough as a tax and accounting specialist. His hired services have been a huge asset to my company."

Christopher H. (Client since 2009)

"Doyle Cunningham has supported me by filing my taxes over the past six years. He has been the consummate professional giving exceptional customer service and quick, accurate information. He explains processes clearly and thoroughly. I recommend his services as he is reliable, efficient, and knowledgeable of tax processes, budget development and management, and financial stewardship and fiscal responsibility!"

Pramod S. (Client since 2007)


"Doyle prepares and submits our tax returns every year. He has been doing it since 2007 for us. While he was doing it I realized that Doyle has a great experience. He is a professional with great deal who is thorough with his work. He takes care his clients with all respect and available to answer them at any time. We are very happy with his work and service he provided us for these many years. I have a full trust and believe in Doyle capabilities. He does high quality of work and I strongly recommend him to anyone."

Dr. Shama P. (Client since 2012)


"Mr. Cunningham has been helping me with my taxes for three years. He is very prompt and accommodating with everything ..from appointments to tax preparation to sending it to IRS for me. Any questions are answered with extreme patience, always gives a quick response through texts or email making it as convenient as possible to help me collect all the tax documents on time. I am planning to have him do my taxes again next year...why struggle when he makes it so convenient to come home and finish it based on the time that works best for me, and all for that great need to call him to find that..:-)"


Randy H. (Client since 2013)


"Doyle Cunningham is as professional as they come. His attention to detail is unmatched. I would highly recommend Mr. Cunningham to anyone who wants there taxes done is a professional manor. He did and outstanding job for my wife and I. He was quick in getting our returns back to us. I also like how he asked questions to make sure that we got every deduction coming to us. We had to go back a couple of years for us and he walk us threw that. He is a five star Accountant."

Angela S. (Client since 2011)


"It has been a pleasure working with Mr. Cunningham of Cunningham Accounting. He has prepared my business and personal taxes for the past 4 years. He is professional, thorough and is genuinely concerned about my business and its success. I appreciate how he researched answers and got back with me in a timely manner. It is very convenient doing business with him. Many things can be done via Internet. I highly recommend Cunningham Accounting for your accounting needs big or small."