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Practice Areas

Cunningham Accounting provides a variety of services to the public in order to meet customer needs. Below is a list of our areas of expertise.

Tax Preparation


For over 18 years Cunningham Accounting has provided quality service to its loyal clients. I believe in developing relationships with my clients because they should be treated as more than just a social security number. I also believe that tax preparation rates shouldn't be inflated to capitalize on refunds clients receive.



Financial Planning


I provide financial planning assistance to individuals and families seeking to move towards financial stability. First we will establish an in-depth understanding of your current situation. Next we determine where you want to be. Last we make a plan on how to get there. It's simple to create the plan but executing the plan is the challenging part. I work with you the entire time.


Accounting is the language of business and should be managed carefully. If you don't have time to manage your books correctly, I can assist. I have prepared client accounting records for accurate tax preparation as well as informed business decisions.   

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